VIA is coming out with a new low power toy, an all-in-one PCI Express chipset that has onboard video. Onboard video is onboard video, which isn't saying much, but the VIA onboard has a few interesting features that people using embedded systems will like. Direct X 9 support, Pixel Shader 2.0 support and HDTV out are all mentionable, making the chipset ideal for a video capture (ala freevo) machine or other type of media center. The K8M890 chipset also supports external PCI-Ex video cards and has the VT8251 Southbridge that has VIA Vinyl HD Audio. Vinyl is a vast improvement over former VIA AC97 chipsets for sound, and altogether it's clear this is being targeted at media machines.

It'll be used for Socket 939 motherboards, and should be available by the end of the year. Though performance may not stand up to an Intel 955 or nForce 4, for embedded solutions often Via's boards tend to be well rounded and very functional.