Intel is a large player in the desktop motherboard market, oft promoting their chipsets which often include their own video and NIC controllers, which is why it was a bit of surprise to hear that they are releasing an "Intel" board with the ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 series chipset. Intel did slow down production of their low end desktop line and confirmed reports of them ceasing to produce low- to mid-range chipsets in the near future, though exactly how was not understood. It seems now their goal is to continue to offer midrange (office class) equipment, but using other manufacturers components.

The first board based on this, the D101GGC, will be a Celeron-compatible, single-channel board, with onboard ATI video and overall fairly mediocre hardware, though it is intended, of course, for Office use. For a tag of $90 it's a lower price than average for an Intel-branded motherboard and may make a nice fit for SOHO.