On top of the price cuts AMD is planning, there is some new stuff in the works brewing for the FX- and the Athlon64. FX-60 and 5000+ appear to be here as soon as early next year, and along with that is a list of some of the price cuts. The FX series are still no lightweights with the 57 still over $1000. This can't be completely confirmed but it does make sense. The article mentions briefly the future of the FX, and with both the X2 and Opteron now getting most of the attention it makes sense that we will see a dual core FX not too far in the future. Looking over the image, the prices are much nicer and seem to fit more other hardware based around them. The X2's are still pretty high up there but the standard A64s are cheaper than ever. 1Q 2006 may be the perfect time to start going for 64bit for those who are waiting.