Intel has made a few revisions to their CPU lineups for servers including both the Xeon and the Itanium. On the Xeon front, one chip has been canceled, Intel stating essentially that by the time 2007 rolls around they will have something better to offer. Codenamed Tigerton, it will be the next successor in the Xeon family.

"We have the opportunity to deliver better performance in 2007," said Intel spokeswoman Erica Fields. "Therefore, we are canceling a product and replacing it with something else."
Intel is also doing a bit of redesign on how they will deploy their next gen Itaniums, both multicore and single core. One multicore class Itanium is being held back as they seek to improve the chip before release, and the top clock for the Itanium, Monticito core, will be 1.6GHz instead of the 2.0GHz. These delays aren't making Itanium backers happy, but Intel assures that the next core revision will change things.