Overclocking is a huge part of the enthusiast crowed. For the most part, hardware manufacturers frown upon overclocking. Well, maybe not frown, but they typically do not endorse it and often the terms of the warranty are voided when you modify the hardware even through soft-modding in such a fashion. Not ATI, though, or at least not when it comes to good press. A group of Finnish enthusiasts broke some records by using a custom brewed LN2 system to hit 1000MHz core on an ATI Radeon X1800 XT, perhaps the fastest a GPU has ever been clocked, at least in public view, and ATI put out a press release on it. Some may wonder why ATI choose to cover this, and so do I, but a Radeon hitting 1GHz, stable, temporarily or not, is amazing, and shows a lot of potential for the R5XX and above cores. There is a screenshot of the action but no benchmarks are available.