Before the end of the year, we can expect several new desktop P4s to come out from Intel, including a very anticipated dual-core Celeron. Intel was tight-lipped at first about the Celeron-D, but they confirmed it a few months ago and now it's being put into production. Even low-end/entry-level desktops will now have the advant of dual-core available to them. The P4-672 and P4-662 are also being released, with Intel's virtualization technology being coupled with them. They are some of the last single core CPUs Intel will be offering. The Celeron D 355 is starting at around $127 in quantity, and that's set to come down in just a few months. It will be interesting to see how a Celeron D matches up to a P4 D when clocked at like speeds. The price reduction comes with the move to the 65nm process, something the (very) hot P4 will definitely need, and in-line with Intel's heat reduction roadmap.