New product sources can come from the oddest places at times. News of the 7800GS and a 512MB version of the GTX, though not officially on record yet, was talked about recently at anandtech. The 7800GS, thought to lie under the GT in terms of price, was actually referenced in the code for the latest Forceware drivers! References to other cards, such as the 6150 (of which we have actually heard about) was found. Bear in mind this doesn't absolutely set in concrete that this is what nVidia is planning next, but it does seem likely and fits in line with release schedules, as the 6-month point comes around again. The GT and GTX are outstanding cards, but out of the price range of many, who are still dipping into previous generation cards to get a good deal. A new-gen GPU coupled with a lower price tag will bring a lot of other desktop users into the mix.