Eidos Interactive has announced that shooter Roll Call has had its name changed to Zero Tolerance - City Under Fire. The game, which is due for release in the second-quarter of 2006, is still being created for the Xbox and the PS2.

As a member of the anti-gang squad T-Zero (where do they get these names from), players will assume the role of Nick Mason, charged with cleaning up the streets of Franklin city - by hook or by crook. With this in mind the player will be able to choose whether to be an honest cop, bringing the crims in for a stint in chains, or taking the tough-justice route by killing the nefarious thugs. Well keep you posted on this game, which so far has managed to avoid the controversy engulfing another Eidos action title - '25 to Life'.
The release date refers to Europe, and possibly other PAL regions. There is no information at this time regarding a release for North America.