Recently I had the pleasure of talking to Nadeem Mohammad of S3 Graphics, and Keith Kowal of VIA Technologies, regarding a new product line being unveiled today, coupling VIA chipsets with S3 video technology. Along with covering the product brief, we also discussed interesting features particular to the new lineup and talked about future expansion of the line. S3 has implemented some things wanted very greatly by the market, from embedded designs to media machines and even desktop users, and put them into their newest series, the S3 ChromeS20 family.

Initially, the ChromeS20 series will consist of two cards, being released initially this week in China. Over the phone, Keith mentioned that releases for the U.S., Europe and Canada are set to occur soon, though he could not give a confirmed date. Whether this is from supply concerns or market concerns, he mentioned that we will probably see these products in the west during the month of November as well. The products are the ChromeS25 and the ChromeS27.