This week, Matrox introduced a predictable but new concept for the mobile world, ideal for the "mobile as a desktop" user, a notebook device that by default supports multiple displays. Called DualHead2Go, it is a small peripheral for existing notebooks that splits displays across two monitors, with a maximum resolution of 2560x1024, adequate for most dual-monitor uses. It isn't exactly cheap, with a retail around $170, but is truly unique. Currently, it only supports VGA analog, and has a limited range of video hardware it supports. Matrox is maintaining an HCL for the device and offers a software utility to determine compatibility. The features it offers, though, make it worth a look despite the quirks.

"Matrox said its technology results in no image distortion or scaling, and enables notebook users to continue using their computer's built-in screen in tandem with two external monitors."
It comes with management software, but as a hardware device it may support other operating systems as well, and likely will support a richer variety of hardware in the future.