VoIP networks are "inherently insecure", according to almost half of Europe's IT directors. A study commissioned by European business communications company Viatel confirms that DoS attacks and viruses are viewed by IT directors as very real threats to VoIP networks. Those in financial services were particularly concerned.

The study also found that - despite these continued security concerns - firms are not adopting converged voice/data technology. Some two-thirds of IT mangers responding to the poll said they do not see the perceived security issues as a deterrent.

Respondents indicated that they see the estimated 50-percent cost savings and advanced functionality of VoIP as a significant enough reason to make the switch and override their security fears. In addition, companies are apparently comfortable with the reliability of VoIP - with two-thirds (67 percent) of those questioned saying they believe today's IP networks are robust enough to carry voice. That percentage rose to an astounding 80 percent in the financial services sector.