65nm is a difficult goal to achieve, and Intel's dual-core Presler line is demonstrating that. Stability issues have been found in the 920 and 930 series of processors, Presler core. Although originally Intel was pushing for a release this January, to replace the existing Smithfield 90nm dual core CPUs, they may have to hold back as they continue to refine their process. A setback for the P4 isn't good, especially with Intel getting a lot of flack over power-greedy CPUs. What is interesting is that the Yonah core, used in the Pentium M, has been brought to 65nm successfully. Yonah uses a different architecture than the Presler (more similar to a P3 than a P4), and is slated to be released on time before the end of the year. Though the Presler remains unstable, there are engineering samples available to manufacturers to verify hardware compatibility, giving at least the vendors a bit of a heads up.