Symbian's Smartphone OS didn't see a lot of action in the past few years, despite its novelties. Thanks to Nokia, though, they are picking up the pace. In last quarter, they saw their product base more than double, with a 131% increase from this time last year. With Nokia being responsible for more than 80% of Symbian sales, the future of the increasingly popular OS looks bright. Symbian has plans to keep the pace up.

"Symbian said some 56 products based on its OS were in development at 11 of its licensees during Q3, up from 38 and ten, respectively. Some 60 Symbian-based handset model were on sale during Q3, up from 54 in the previous quarter and 29 in the year-ago quarter. Of those 60 phones, 19 were designed for 3G networks, Symbian said."
Unlike the desktop world, there are now four major competing software suites for smartphones now, and all of them seem to be fairly robust. The mobile world is only getting bigger - probably better.