Bytware has announced the availability of a beta version of StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux, for the x86 platform. Although the number of viruses targeted at Linux remains fairly low, the OS is still at risk from malware, and would benefit from the installation of good anti-virus software. Free trials of StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux are available from Bytware's website.

StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux brings the industry-leading power of McAfee's scanning engine and the ease-of-use of the award-winning StandGuard Anti-Virus to Linux running on x86-based PCs. StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux (x86-based PCs) allows users to detect and clean the full 150,000+ threats identified by McAfee's AVERT, a huge improvement over the 40,000 viruses that some Linux solutions promise to detect. Bytware and McAfee's AVERT support user's needs 24/7/365.