A preview of the soon to be released "Chronicles of Narnia" movie can now be downloaded via the film's promotional video content to iPods. As the line between music, movies and the Internet continues to increasingly blur, Walt Disney Pictures/Walden Media's adaptation of the story of Narnia has trailers, clips, behind-the-scenes segments, interviews, and other film content available for preview.

"Moviegoers are increasingly elusive to reach. We want to be able to deliver our content to them to view on the device they want to view it on, in the highest theatrical quality," Jack Pan, VP of marketing at Disney's Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, told ClickZ News.

"Marketers want to follow consumers wherever they are. More and more, they are on portable devices," said Todd Boes, the VP of marketing at Maven. "Consumers are increasingly in control today, and as marketers realize that, they want to deliver their content to them wherever they are."