The up and coming M2 socket is getting closer and closer to the expected launch in Q2 2006, and some vendors are prepping their chipsets already. ATI is getting ready to roll out the RD580CF and RD580C, both Crossfire-capable chipsets designed for the new AMD M2 socket. The RD580CF does have Socket 939 support and will be available before the M2 based version is out. Supporting Dual PCIEx 16x, the chipsets are going to be contending with the behemoth of performance that the nVidia nForce series has shown itself to be. AMD has already announced plans for DDR2 support in M2, to some contentions, so it's entirely possible that DDR and DDR2 support will be possible with these chipsets.. As early as December, ATI may have samples ready for their integrators. Sample boards are still a ways off, but not too far.