Though a ways off, Intel is already preparing for the development and release of processors based on a 45nm process. Starting with “Wolfdale” and “Ridgefield”, dual-core desktop CPUs using the 45nm process with 3 and 6MB of L2 cache are set to appear in 2008. With upwards of 12MB of cache planned for the Xeon line and a whopping 8 cores on a single die, those advancements are made possible by continued reduction in process.

Adding on to this, Intel has also stated at a recently technology conference that they have solid plans to continue on beyond 45nm as well, into 32nm by 2009. The development of such CPUs is already under way, but considered to be very slow and intensive, with new technologies needing to be invented just to craft the tools to get the job done. In particular, a technology called EUV lithography is going to be employed for the purpose of using light to draw circuits, more precisely than can be done today, a necessity to further the advancement of CPUs.