While our friends in Singapore will be able to get their hands on the Xbox 360 on 2 March next year, folks in Korea will be able to get hold of the next generation console on Feb. 24. Unfortunately, this does mean that Koreans will miss the year-end holiday and winter vacation seasons, which are peak times for computing gaming. The late date of the launch is due to global supply shortage, Microsoft has said.

"We started manufacturing the 360s in August but it is still sold out in many stores in the United States. Maybe the sales already exceeded one million units worldwide," Xbox’ Asian region product manager Nick Fillingham said at a press conference in Seoul on Monday.
Microsoft Korea has been aggressively promoting the 360, and the launch there should be a big affair for game playing Koreans. Microsoft claims that it has recognized the great potential of Korean developers and Korean market, and that Korean customers will be able to get it ahead of other Asians. Pricing has yet to be confirmed, though.