After some anticipation earlier in the year, Kingston has now made available for sale a whopping 4GB Compact Flash Card. Their “Ultimate” line, noted for its supposed higher read and writing speed than comparable CF products, is on the shelves in 1, 2 and 4GB capacities, giving extreme storage capacity to digital cameras, camcorders and other CF using devices. Besides being expensive, flash also has a reputation for being much slower than other forms of storage, but Kingston's claimed rating of “100x” write speed might be enough to satisfy.

“Photographers and digital enthusiasts can maximize the performance of their high-end digital equipment. Kingston’s Ultimate series CompactFlash cards will have the fastest write time in the industry and give photographers the freedom and flexibility to capture life around them when it happens, as it happens,”
Flash is quickly approaching “functional” desktop storage capacity. With the popularity of embedded systems and quiet, low-power home or office systems, likely flash may end up making its way into them as alternatives to hard drives.