Sharman Networks has cut off Australian users' access to the Web site, thereby making it impossible for users there to download the Kazaa software. The block is to comply with orders from Australia's Federal Court, and came into effect yesterday. Of course, those users who have already downloaded Kazaa and have an Australian IP address can keep using it, but new users (or folks who have just reinstalled their machines and didn’t keep the Kazaa setup files) will be out of luck.

New users who attempt to access the Kazaa Web site from Australia are directed to a notice stating, "The download of the Kazaa Media Desktop by users in Australia is not permitted," while existing users who open up their application on their desktop are greeted with a warning stating: "Attention users in Australia: To comply with orders of the Federal Court of Australia, pending an appeal in the February 2006, use of the Kazaa Media Desktop is not permitted by persons in Australia. If you are in Australia, you must not download or use the Kazaa Media Desktop."
All of this is likely to remain in stalemate until a decision is made in the appeal by Sharman and associated parties against the orders. If Sharman is successful in its appeal, one option though is to utilise audio fingerprinting, perhaps using the Audible Magic software, which will block illegal behaviour on the peer-to-peer network.