The next step in AMD's performance line, the Athlon64 FX-60, will be released this coming January 10th according to The Inquirer. This FX line is the first dual-core FX that boasts 2.6GHz frequency and 110W TDP. It's a fraction slower per core than the FX-57, which is a 2.8GHz chip, but most likely will be able to more than make it up with the additional core. This puts the FX-60 also as the fastest dual-core AMD offering, with the next step the 4800+ at 2x2.4GHz. Likely, the continuation of the FX line will be primarily dual-core offerings, though both AMD and Intel have stated that single-core offerings will continue to come out for a while. As with the other high end models, this chip won't come cheap and is expect to retail well over $1000 initially.