Getting a high capacity MP3 player for Xmas? Planning on bringing it into work? Well, according to security experts Pointsec Mobile Technologies, you are a security risk to the business. With these kinds of devices now boasting just as much hard disk space as your average laptop, it is feared that the strong security chain put in place in many workplaces could be broken by use of these little devices. Lots of people use them for carrying personal information, and it’s possible that this information could include company data that is sensitive and valuable. Customer’s personal details and accounts information could easily fall into the wrong hands if a device loaded up with such data gets lost. Further to this, it is possible that a disgruntled employee or someone who is leaving could copy sensitive information such as company databases onto these devices with ease. And then, of course, there is the danger of these devices bringing viruses or Trojans into the company network as well. Pointsec’s advice to companies is to use encryption, but perhaps a full ban on these devices is required, with disciplinary action for those who bring them in.