ATI has released a new Catalyst driver set for Windows XP. Catalyst 5.12 is of course available at ATI's website in their Drivers and Software section. Whereas the last Catalyst release focused more on glitch fixes, 5.12 is offering much better performance overall with very large gains in certain games. Unreal Tournament 2004 sees upwards of 10% improvement in framerate, Half Life 2 as much as 8% and overall you should see around a 5% boost in modern games. If you use the Catalyst control center it does require the Microsoft .NET framework, which is available on Microsoft's website if you don't already have it. Like all modern driver pack it is a pretty hefty download if you are on a slow connection, but usually for video cards the wait is worth it. If you are using a Radeon card and Windows XP, give them a shot.