Capcom and Microsoft have announced that they are to work on "Lost Planet: Extreme Condition" for Xbox 360. The game is a science-fiction-themed third-person shooter due, and puts players in the role of a character modelled on 35-year-old South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun. The character in Lost Planet is seeking revenge for the murder of his father. Forces called the Eecrid are seemingly responsible. The game is due for release in winter 2006 in Japan.

Lost Planet will draw on the power of the Xbox 360 to create the seamless tundra that provides the backdrop to Byung-hun's mission - the game's single-player campaign - while his efforts will be punctuated by highly detailed CG cut-scenes that make the most of his likeness.

Capcom is also planning several multiplayer modes, including team-based affairs, that take advantage of Xbox Live.