If you were one of the gamers that was disappointed by the release of Doom 3 or it's expansion, you may be encouraged by this very well done large fan mod. And if you liked Doom 3, you may like it even better with this fan mod. The first 1.0 release of “Classic Doom 3”, a Doom 3 remake of the classic game Doom is now available on a variety of mirrors, made available last week. After having some time to take a look, I was impressed by what I saw and found it worth my time to play.

It has been in production and available as a beta for a while, and now is considered ready for the masses, totally free (assuming you own Doom 3 of course). It features the original 9 maps from Episode 1 of the original, single player and deathmatch modes, a redesigned soundtrack and an up and coming co-op. There are versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux, though the most updated version is currently Windows only.