What exactly is Avivo? A wonderful question, one that has been asked a lot lately, especially with all the buzz surrounding ATI's new cards and a soon partnering with Intel to provide a series of media machines. Essentially, it's a way to improve the visual quality of your media regardless of what it's source is, from HDTV to saved video files.It's a way to further use the GPU to handle a lot of load formerly the CPU was responsible for. Anyone that likes the idea of or uses media boxes can appreciate with Avivo claims it can accomplish. Bit-tech has an interesting article about Avivo and how it can affect video. A lot of newer codecs, even on modern machines, can be very CPU intensive, something that can be a problem when you are also doing things like streaming, and even a very fast computer using a 3.6GHz P4 can still drop frames using some of these codecs. Avivo solves that, and the article explains why. If you're interested in Avivo, take a look.