We recently herd about nVidia acquiring in whole the ULi corporation, giving them a big boost in available technologies and perhaps helping to speed up their R&D. The exact purpose of the acquisition isn't fully known, however, nor is what technologies nVidia hopes to gain from Uli. Much of that is answered in an interview that Firingsquad had with Drew Henry, the General Manager of the MCP Product Group for nVidia. The interview asks some interesting, if sometimes offtopic, questions, and sates much curiosity. The most interesting points covered to me are those about development of nForce.

”The ULi team is excellent. Our plan is to merge them into our NVIDIA engineering organization that is responsible for building all our nForce products. Our nForce MCP business is growing very rapidly.”
It's a short, 3 page interview that's well worth the read if you are following nVidia.