According to some hardware manufacturers, a lot of the blame for the lack of green PC bliss is lay in the hands of the consumer. The article states that more than half the population simply doesn't recycle at all, not even things as simple as paper. Of course, this goes far beyond just daily things.

”Consumers are most likely to responsibly dispose of bulky items such as washing machines, fridge-freezers and tumble-driers. Just over 40 per cent of those polled take large items to their local civic amenity site, while 33 per cent pay their local council to collect their large items. Twenty-seven per cent expect the retailer who sold them its replacement to take the old item away for free.”
Obviously, computers are one of the worst items to throw away, for a variety of reasons, and many countries have laws prohibiting the dumping of those items, trying to force recycling. I wonder what it would take to achieve the ideal recycling world.