Imation's new Micro Hard Drive has a capacity of 4GB, and looks like a padlock, making it possible to clip to a belt loop, or attach to a keychain. Requiring no additional power supply to work, the Micro Hard Drive's loop portion of the padlock design integrates a flexible USB connector. Inside is a Toshiba-built 0.85-inch hard disk drive mechanism. The drive works with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Features include:

-Multi-gigabyte storage capability
-Small, lightweight design - 1.61in x .66in x 3.3in
-Fast read/write speeds (Read 5MB/second, Write 3MB/second)
-Reliable and durable form factor
-Requires no additional power supply or USB cable
-LED lights up when drive is in use
-Free downloadable Imation Security Manager Software