Broadband on your phone. That's what Samsung is now proudly touting, with the release of their new “High-Speed downlink Packet Access” technology. The speed is made possible by a chip crafted by Qualcomm, and the technology was unveiled in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics show. More and more mobile devices are chewing up bandwidth, and our demands on them are increasing. It's only natural that bandwidth for the device would go up.

"Samsung is proud to showcase HSDPA as the future of mobile broadband," said Kitae Lee, president of Samsungs Telecommunications Network Business.
What use would a phone have with broadband speeds? Though I'm not quite sure a 3.6mbp/s link on a phone is all that useful at the moment, if you've ever tried sending photos using your phone as I have you may have been frustrated by the slow speed. Now we just get to wait for the “Cell Phone DDoS” attacks.