InterVideo has announced that China MobileSoft has decided to select InterVideo's iMobi(TM) video and audio codec technologies for its upcoming Linux smart phone. China MobileSoft will provide OEMs and ODMs with a complete solution for enhancing their smart phones utilising this technology, which allows consumers to record and playback high-quality, jitter-free video clips easily.

"The combination of CMS's Linux mobile phone design and InterVideo's innovative multimedia solution will help OEMs and ODMs differentiate their products while speeding time to market," said Jiping Wang, CEO of China MobileSoft. "We selected InterVideo because it is known worldwide for the quality of its products and has extensive experience in developing Linux multimedia software for some of the industry's leading manufacturers of high-end CE devices."

Steve Ro, president and CEO of InterVideo, credits the engineers at both companies for collaborating to make this exciting new product design a reality. "The new CMS designs will turn smart phones into true entertainment solutions. MP3 playback offers high-quality audio-on-the-go, while MPEG-4 video encoding and decoding takes mobile video to a new dimension." Ro also noted, "For the new and upcoming 3G phones, it becomes more and more important for mobile phone ODMs and OEMs to include multimedia features, and we are delighted that China MobileSoft has chosen InterVideo to be their multimedia solution for their new designs."