After a press release a few weeks ago announcing the impending release, at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, TiVo has put their Series3 CableCARD device on display. Supporting HDTV, it can accept both digital/analog cable signals(hence the CableCARD support), has an external SATA port to add storage to the device, a redesigned remote, support for the highest resolutions and, if you take a look at the photos, looks quite nice. Definitely would fit in a modern entertainment center without much trouble. Series3 also supports more up to date codecs for higher quality video.

”The box unit still encodes analog content as MPEG2, like the current units, but it supports playback of advanced codecs such as MPEG4 AVC/H.264. This will open up the possibilities of broadband content using more efficient codecs, including HD downloads.”
Previous models had USB and ethernet, which this also features, as well as several methods for video output for varied display hardware. One thing the blog mentions is that the external drive connector for SATA isn't designed to be brought to other machines, instead being maybe a fluid part of the filesystem, so that pulling the drive may result in the loss of content not entirely stored on it, nor would you be able to view content on other computers.