Today, some more partnerships touting Intel's Viiv were announced. Mediabolic published a press release talking about their partnership with Intel to provide media server software for coupling with Viiv hardware in the future. Mediabolic's software's primary function will be to enable easy moving of digital content from different machines in the home, such as from a media center to a desktop. Mediabolic also announced several new products in partnership with BenQ and Buffalo designed around entertainment and media centers that are in development and set to be available in the second half of this year.

The four new products include the BenQ DV3770, a 37” Network LCD Television, and several network media players. The 37” TV is HD supporting and integrates a media player in the device, along with network capabilities, allowing the single device to access media on your home network to be played on the TV as a single solution. The full press releases are available at Mediabolic's site. The media center wave has been slowly growing, and last year it really took off. 2006 is already looking really good, with the wave turning into a frenzy, and for all of us who are using these devices as the centerpiece for media centers at home, these are good times.