Despite the vast assortment of mp3s players available, with even more on the horizon, there is apparently no real competition for the iPod. Apple made a really big splash for various reasons, and not even the impressive Creative Zen stood up to the various incarnations of the iPod. Apple has no intention of slowing down, and 2006 will see yet more revisions as well as other hardware and software designed around it. For all that can be said, the iPod's success was from a glorious combination of good marketing and a good product, pricey though it may be. The CES was a disappointment for those hoping to see a company ready to give a go at it, but as long as people are satisfied with the iPod it's likely that Apple will be able to stay on top for some time to come. Now we even have video iPod – I wonder what Apple has in store that they aren't saying for 2006.