Security experts are warning about the dangers of "PodPorn" or "PornCasting", where pornography is being accessed via video-enabled iPods, or the Sony PSP. The activity apparently presents particularly high risk to children, but is also of concern for companies as staff can use the devices to download dodgy material onto corporate networks with relative ease.

Patricia Sueltz, SurfControl CEO said: "Although new emerging technologies, such as the iPod and PSP, have great portable entertainment value, it is vital that parents are made aware of the dangers they pose to an online generation. These internet-based digital media players have rapidly made their way into homes across the globe this season, and industry experts have indicated that adult content providers are poised to capitalize on this new market by developing a raft of adult-content videos aimed squarely at these devices."
Unlike the PC, which has a number of integrated parental controls available to stop the viewing of porn by minors, devices such as the iPod or the Sony PSP are more open to these activities, and require even more diligent parental involvement.