The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show has now seen the unveiling of the dual-core low-power Centrino processor. This new chip is part of a new three-chip family also consisting of Intel's Mobile 945 chipset and Pro/Wireless 3945a/b/g chip. It is built on a 65nm process and has a number of new features built into it which enable maximum efficiency and lower power consumption.

These include what the company calls Dynamic Power Coordination and Enhanced Deeper Sleep with Dynamic Cache Sizing, a new power savings mechanism that enables the Smart Cache Sizing Cache to dynamically flush system memory based on demand, or during periods of inactivity. The idea is to channel power only to those parts of the processor that need it.
Intel claims that laptops utilising the new processor can get five hours of battery life from a standard battery. Another welcome feature is Digital Media Boost, which is claimed to enhance floating point operation.