Yet more iPod news, Apple may be developing a version of the iPod that will allow it you become a mini FM radio. FM transmitters are popular for mp3 players, and in fact some have made their name by directly marketing themselves towards iPod users (such as the iRiver). This may hurt sales of those products should Apple go through with it, but the functionality is something that most everyone would like. Setting down your mp3 player in your car and listening to your music on the way to work without having to hook anything up is great. The less wires to go along with it, the better.

"The end result will be that your stored iTunes on your iPod will not only play on these in-vehicle stereos, but also present corresponding data such as the artist's name, iTune(s) title and so forth on the RDS stereo's mini display," a blogger at
Though the article mentioned concerns from people about bleeding signals, every FM transmitter I've used personally used frequencies that are not commonly used, and let you choose different ones. Hopefully, a broadcasting iPod would be able to select different frequencies to avoid those sorts of situations.