Firefox is still spreading in the IT world, and has gone far beyond the desktops of geeks only. Large companies have adopted it, police forces have adopted it, and many end users are too. In several European countries, it is being picked up much faster and by many more people. Overall, Firefox makes up a whopping 20% of the browser market according to a French analyst company. France itself is looking at an incredible 38%, with the lowest being the U.K. At around 11%, still a large number comparatively. They do mention that there is room for error in their metrics and that their tests are only performed on Sunday, when casual browsing would likely be the highest.

"We should emphasize that these measures have been done on a Sunday, when Firefox's usage peaks. The Firefox browser is less used during the week, as enterprises are more conservative when it comes to using a newer browser," Nitot said in a blog posting that commented on figures released earlier by the Web metrics company.
Overall, though, this news is good. Firefox may have many roadblocks to become more than just an “alternative” to the average end user, but it is overcoming them. Most people are receptive to using a new browser when it comes along with the potential to dramatically reduce the amount of spyware plaguing them.