nVidia is all set to release their new nForce4 XE chipset for Pentium 4 based systems, bringing the much-needed SLI support over to those who don't want to use Intel chipsets for their P4s. What exactly can it do? Take a look. While definitely not a serious competitor for the 965 and 975 series or Intel's high-end motherboards, it should in fit quite nicely with the majority market, especially those who just want a system capable of using dual-core P4s (as 925 and earlier do not support it). It's a fairly beefy fan they include on their demo board, so hopefully some manufacturers will offer a passively cooled solution as chipset fans can often be annoying for “midrange” boards. The new board supports X16 single or X8 dual for SLI, supports the standard nForce 4 features like integrated AC97 audio. It has 1066 FSB support, and support for the fastest “standard” DDR2-667, though with nVidia's reputation you may see some use out of that very rare, but very attractive, DDR2-800 RAM and up. Time will tell!