A number of complaints have been made regarding a T-Mobile press promotion, which encouraged people to use electronic gadgets and other equipment whilst driving. An ad, which ran in The Evening Standard, The Guardian and The Times, showed a woman driving a car with its glove box stuffed full of remote-working gadgets and office equipment.

The ad carried the tagline: "Work where you work best. Business data solutions from T-Mobile puts your business wherever you are."
This ad attracted many complaints from members of the public, saying the advert suggested the equipment could be used while on the road. It is claimed that this encouraged dangerous driving. T-Mobile disputed the claim, saying none of the devices were pictured being used by anyone at the wheel. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), however, decided to uphold the complaints. In light of the recent ban on driving while using a mobile phone, it seems only right. T-Mobile has no plans to use the ad again.