In a press release issued by Auravision today, it was announced that the man behind the “Fatal1ty” name will be featured on 60 minutes. CBS will be airing the show at the usual time this Sunday, and one of the segments will feature an interview with Jonathan Wendel, who has been one of the few that have brought deathmatch gaming into the public spotlight. The Fatal1ty name has also been lent to hardware manufacturers for product promotion.

”Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel was excited to be featured on the legendary CBS New magazine. “Of course, I’m tremendously flattered that 60 Minutes would find my life interesting enough to create this program,” stated Wendel. “My hope is that this exposure will raise the interest in competitive video gaming.”
While that sounds good, we can hope that this won't be turned around on gamers, with many people targeting gaming as a source of violence or something to be shunned, rather than a form of competition to be enjoyed. Of course, as technology becomes easier to use and more accepted, it's only natural that the entertainment therein becomes more accepted as well. If you get CBS, you might want to check this week's 60 minutes.