It's easy to step on people's toes these days, even when your intent is to help and inform. A website based in the U.K. That allegedly had copyrighted material on their website was attempting to inform companies about a large-scale, international business directory scam, has been taken offline by their web host, Server Centre. A company named “Wragge & Co”, an advertising agency of sorts, made complaint after complain until Server Centra relented.

"We then had a number of letters from Wragge and other law firms requesting that the site was taken offline; if the site was not taken offline Server Centre Limited could be liable for damages. "The site was then taken offline, as my infrastructure provider then started receiving the threats. Neither company can afford to go to court over this and so we had no choice but to turn the site off."
Wragge & Co is under investigation, though copyrighted material is still copyrighted and when you start attacking a companies source of revenue you must be aware they will come after you, whether or not you are in the right. It's a sad sight when a group of scammers can push the good guys out of the business.