After much anticipation, ATI has released the X1900 series of cards to the market! ATI had many supply issues in the previous months that have delayed their lines as a whole, but the X1900 is here. It is a souped up X1800 essentially, with more pixel shader processors (much more than what is present in the X1800), a great boon to newer games like F.E.A.R. The clockspeeds of the X1900 are not all that different from the current lines, ATI choosing instead to play up the boost that tripling the number of pixel shader processors can bring.

The X1900 is going to chew more power than the X1800 as it uses the same process yet has more material, approaching over 175W of power, making it the most greedy thing you will have in a box. It is available in 512MB varieties already, something that is gaining popularity. Hardwarezone has a brief overlook of the card. As benchmarks become available, we'll get to see just how important pixel shader processors really are and see if the difference is worth it.