OLED technology is fascinating, novel and currently quite expensive. Up until recently, only one product, the Optimus keyboard, was offering a commercial OLED computer input that you could use. There's a new one out, though, and though it is only three buttons, it looks very nifty. The Optimus Mini Three features three large, seperate OLED keys that have a refresh rate of up to 5 times per second, and can be configured for just about anything. Status displays, download meters, launching apps, notifications, et cetera. It's size means it could probably easily be used to add an extra set of controls for newer games that require many different keys.

What is even more interesting is that the configurator for the device will initially support Windows and Mac OS X, and will also eventually support Linux as well, making it an interesting device for just about every desktop platform. It is a USB device that works in 1.1 and 2.0 controllers, and is expected to retail for around $100. A bit steep for three-key input, but the novelty is quite nice.