The beta of IE7 which was released yesterday is already receiving flak for bugs and compatibility, including certain anti-spyware and anti-virus utilities, though the example did not mention names. There are also some vulnerabilities noted. It isn't exactly fair to assume this will be what IE7 offers, and many need to be reminded that it is indeed a beta and thus it is in a stage where bug reports are encouraged, so that these problems can be hammered out. Microsoft is taking bug reports, and is reacting publically and vowing to make sure the product comes out good:

"I have McAfee Internet Security Suite on my system, and when IE 7 is loaded, neither work," one tester wrote in Microsoft's news groups. "Surely...getting the system to work with an industry leader is a small price to pay." ... Microsoft acknowledged the compatibility issues with the McAfee software in a response on the IE team blog. "The McAfee issue is known, and we'll work on this for a future build," a Microsoft representative wrote on the blog.
Despite the stigma against IE6 currently, IE7 is a very different beast and a second look is probably worth it. Anyone want to try it out should, but remember to never put beta software on production machines.