F-Secure users are apparently receiving a mail that claims to be from an employee of the anti-virus vendor but instead contains a Trojan. Although not particularly original in its tactics (the spam tells recipients there is something wrong with their website and asks them to click on a .zip link for a picture of the problem), the mail does contain a rather nasty new variant of the Breplibot worm, known as W32/Breplibot.ae.

The email, which contains a misspelling and poor grammar, reads: "Hello, I noticed whilst browsing your site that there were problems with some of your links, when I tried again with Internet Explorer the problems were not there so I assume that they were caused by me using the Mozilla browser. As more people are turning to alternative browsers now it may be of help for you to know this. I have enclosed a screen capture of the problem so your team can get it fixed if you deem it an issue. Kind regards, David Adams, Dept. Research, F-Secure Development."