If you've built a media machine before or tinkered with home theater you've probably experience the All In Wonders. ATI is expanding on their knowledge in the media market to include DTV and handhelds. Using the “Imageon” name, ATI is releasing an IC for things like cell phones and other mobile devices to support mobile TV, including HDTV and DTV. Their integration is complete, making it easy for manufacturers to include their chips.

”The WTV100 demodulator supports most worldwide operation modes, can handle simultaneous processing of multiple services, multiple DRM solutions and integrates in hardware a decoder for Multi-Protocol-Encapsulator Forward-Error-Correction (MPE-FEC) and its memory. It also offers flexible and versatile interfaces and allows ATI to work with the industry's best-in-class silicon RF tuners to provide an extremely compact, proven and reliable front-end component (WTV100-M).”
ATI demoed the tech in January, though the application for the tech wasn't exactly clear. Mobile TV isn't as popular as some would want it to be, but ATI is jumping on the bandwagon early enough that they may end up becoming the standard.