Linux continues to expand, with the number of distributions growing. lists over 300 distros, one of the newest of which is Wazobia Linux, launched by Nigerian software vendor Leapsoft Ltd and aimed at meeting the needs of consumers, businesses, education, and government in West Africa. The distro is supplied in Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, the three most spoken languages in Nigeria, as well as English, and comes with translations of the 2.0 productivity suite, multiple browsers, desktop search, automated networking tools, multi-media software, and application development tools and much more.

Wazobia Linux will be targeted at consumer, business, education, and government users, while a Live CD version is also available for download. The company said it will provide support direct to end users, or via partners, with prices starting at NGN 5,000 ($39) per desktop and NGN 10,000 ($78) per server for a standard one-year support contract.