In the UK, Virgin is teaming up with BT and Microsoft (sounds like a winning combination!) to provide mobile TV. The venture should bring some five digital TV channels and 350 radio channels to UK Virgin subscribers.

Everyone seems to think that TV on mobiles is really going to catch on. Virgin and BT conducted a pilot scheme which found that people used the service for an average of more than an hour per week, and would be prepared to pay around £8 a month for watching TV on their mobile. Other studies conducted by providers such as OS seem to agree with this, with an O2 report claiming that 80% of people would subscribe to a mobile TV service.

"Virgin Mobile customers will be the first people in Europe to watch real broadcast TV over their mobile phones," said Graeme Hutchinson, sales and marketing director of Virgin Mobile in a statement.

"It's not downloaded. Its real TV just like you get at home."