In a press release issued today, Zone Labs announced the availability of a beta preview for the 64-bit version of their popular desktop firewall software. ZoneAlarm is one the most popular home firewall products available, and offers much that the standard Windows firewalls do not. Unfortunately, a version for Windows XP 64-bit isn't available, and Vista is coming up this year. However, they are developing it and you can try it out for yourself if you'd like.

”We are very pleased to extend our product line to include firewall protection for 64-bit PCs,” said Laura Yecies, general manager of Zone Labs and vice president at Check Point. “A dual-layer firewall is the most essential piece of the security to protect against hackers and their nefarious schemes.”
You can download the beta from their site, though you should be advised it is beta software. As such, bugs may abound and if you find them, report them.